Make Lists  not Fists

A Student Survival Guide to Stress-Free Productivity

College can be a stressful time in your life. There is so much going on - from sports to finances to shopping for food and studying - that it can be hard to keep all balls in the air and survive with your sanity in tact. If you want to get decent grades, have a good time, and keep your stress levels under control, learning how to get organised is a must. Make Lists Not Fists: A Student Survival Guide to Stress-Free Productivity, written by Dutch college instructor Dr. Ritske Rensma, will teach you all you need to know. Short, simple and written with a healthy dose of humour, it will show you how to declutter, destress, and get organised - all through the power of lists.

Available as ebook ($0.99) and paperback ($5.99).

Read the opening chapter here.

"It actually works. I cannot recall one more stressful moment since I started working with it."

Debby-EsmeĆ© de Vlugt, writing in student magazine Tabula Rasa