"It actually works. I used to be stressed all the time, but I cannot recall one more stressful moment since I started working with it. Can you imagine not being stressed at UCR? "


Debby-EsmeƩ de Vlugt, UCR student, writing for Tabula Rasa

University College Roosevelt offers digital time-management workshops inspired by David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' method to its students, with a special focus on using the free online platform Wunderlist to put it all into practice. The method taught in these workshops is described in detail the short handout "Make lists not fists", written by UCR instructor dr. R. Rensma. It is available for free in the downloads section of this website.


(The next workshop for UCR students is on friday the 9th of October in classroom C20 (common house Elliott) at 13.00. This will be a lunchtime session which lasts until 13.45. If you want to attend, please book yourself in for a slot here.)


Lists Not Fists was written with a student audience in mind, but the content is presented in such a way that it can be applied to any endeavor that comes with a high workload and a large amount of to-do items.

Staying organized at college with Wunderlist