Make Lists  not Fists

Most of us become regular to-do list makers at some point in our lives. We tend to scribble them down carelessly on Post-it notes, in diaries, on pieces of scrap paper, without any sense of forethought. If we get too busy, however, such a system tends to collapse. What’s needed, in such busy times, is a proper to-do list philosophy: a fine-tuned system that will allow you to use your lists in a highly efficient way. This is exactly what the book Make Lists Not Fists - written by college instructor Dr. R. Rensma - offers.

Make Lists Not Fists was written with a student audience in mind, but its method can be put into practice by anyone with a busy life. It will help you to de-stress, de-clutter, and take charge of your productivity - all through the power of lists.

Available  as ebook ($2.99)  and paperback ($5.99).