Make Lists not Fists

A student survival guide to stress-free productivity

"It actually works. I used to be stressed all the time, but I cannot recall one more stressful moment since I started working with it."


Debby-Esmeé de Vlugt, college student, writing for Tabula Rasa

College life is stressful. Apart from having to process a huge amount of information for exams, projects and papers, students also have to keep track of a wide variety of other tasks and to-do items. Add to this the increasing necessity of getting good grades, and it isn't hard to see why many students end up feeling overwhelmed. For this reason, University College Roosevelt offers digital time-management workshops to its students. Many of the students who are working with the method taught in these workshops report significantly less stress; many also report that it has helped them to boost their grades.


The Lists Not Fists method (as the method is called) is described in detail in the ebook Make Lists Not Fists: A Student Survival Guide to Stress-Free Productivity, written by UCR instructor Dr. R. Rensma. Make Lists Not Fists is available as an ebook for $4.99 on Amazon.com (for kindle e-readers as well as the free Kindle app for iOs and Android) and the Apple iBook Store (for iPad, iPhone and Mac). You can also buy a drm-free pdf file (to read on all computers) and epub file (for all e-readers except kindle) at Leanpub. You can access the first four chapters as a free download here.